Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC and Fall Patch !

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EA are pleased to announce that the Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC & Fall Update will start rolling out today. For the Fall Update, expect a slew of improvements to a variety of weapons, vehicles, classes, team/objective play, and much more.  

The Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC will be a separate download from the Fall Update.

The Community Operations DLC will include a new map, Operation Outbreak.

Learn more about Community Operations with these six quick facts 

Six Quick Facts About Battlefield 4 Community Operations

Patch notes have been posted: 


R6 Siege Pre-Order

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I've pre-ordered the game now from CD Keys its down to £20.99 and with their 5% off Facebook code you get it for £19.94 which is a cracking price. 

Ok its not the Steam version but everyone will need to use UPlay to play the game anyway so whats the point of paying £49.99 just so you can download it through Steam !.

To goto the site click on the below link.

R6 Siege Pre-Order





Dropped to £19.99 Now ! £19.00 with 5% Code.

FcUK R6 Siege Games

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It was good to see a few of us playing R6 Siege Closed Beta tonight and have a good crack on TeamSpeak. Its been a long time coming, so lets buy the game and let the good times start again.

And Remember FcUK was built on Team Work ! and there is a I in TEAM !! lol.

See the below forum post for some ingame screenshots.

R6 Siege screenshots


Re-doing Website and Forum !

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I'm re-doing the website again after I've now successfully migrated the phpBB3 forum over to Kunena and a fresh install of Joomla.

All users will be asked to change their password when they sign in for the first time.

Any issues let me know.