Waiting ages to get into a game ?!!

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5 years 3 months ago #35381 by FcUK_A
Waiting ages to get into a game ?!! was created by FcUK_A
I used to wait ages to get a Ranked game but moaning on the R6 Siege facebook page and someone said change the data location on the config file. So i did and now joining games straight away !!

goto %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Rainbow Six - Siege\<user-id>\GameSettings.ini

Then view this bit and change DataCenterHint=default to DataCenterHint=weu and save it.

;DataCenterHint =>
; default 'ping based'
; eus 'us east'
; cus 'us central'
; scus 'us south central'
; wus 'us west'
; sbr 'brazil south'
; neu 'europe north'
; weu 'europe west'
; eas 'asia east'
; seas 'asia south east'
; eau 'australia east'
; wja 'japan west'

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